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About Us: Lighthouse Edulight

To learn any language and to use it in our practical life, both in verbal and written formats, the first thing to do is to learn its Alphabet. If you don’t know the Alphabet associated with that language, you can’t read it. If you can’t read it, you will not understand what is written there and you will completely fail to discover the thought, or the idea of the topic written there.

Do You Want To Learn English?

Now, if you want to learn a language which is not your mother tongue and if you want to learn this as your second language to use it in your practical life, then only learning its Alphabet is not enough. If you have already learnt its Alphabet, it’s fine. You have successfully covered up the very first step. But it’s just the beginning. You have to tread a long track before you could use it as a medium to express your own idea or thought.

Great! You Have Landed On The Right Place

No, no. I did not say that it is unachievable or unattainable. I just wanted to say that you have to spend some time on it, you have to care for it and you have to learn it with passion. You have to learn the grammatical rules associated with this second language, at least the very basics of it. Then and then only you will be able to put your thought in your words, the words of your new learnt second language.

So, why to worry when you have landed on Lighthouse Edulight.

What Is “Lighthouse Edulight”

Well, allow me to get you introduced with Lighthouse Edulight. In the next few lines I am trying to draw a picture before you about what Lighthouse Edulight is.
  • Lighthouse Edulight is an Educational Blog on English Grammar.
  • It serves as the gateway to learn and use English Language in our practical life in varied forms and formats.
  • The articles have written in the most simplest and straight forward way so that it goes easy for a learner to learn and understand the topic.
  • Lots of useful images have been put inside each article to elaborate the topic in a simple yet efficient way.
  • One of the best blogs in English Grammar available on internet. You should check it and decide whether to follow or not.

Purpose Behind The Creation

The main purpose behind making this blog is to teach one English language in the most simplest and effective way so that one absorb and apply easily this language easily in the needed field. If you ask me why to learn English, then below is my answer-

  • International Language:- English is considered as one of the International Languages, which means if you learn English, the whole world is open to you to connect and learn.
  • Office Language:- We can’t deny the fact that English language is commonly used in offices, institutions, farms, sectors, work-places etc. So, we should learn this language.
  • Language for Business:- If you are a business man and if you are thinking to enlarge your business by launching your business website online, you need to know English language.
  • Language of Internet:- Most of content that are available on internet, is written in English. So, if you want to read and understand them you have to learn it.
  • Much Resource:- If you learn English, then much resource is available to you. But you will get only a few resources when you will search them (based on your specific search query) on internet in your regional language.
  • Securing a Job:- You are always one step ahead of your competitors if you know better English in case of securing a job.

As you can see, no matter whether you are a student, a teacher, a job seeker, a job holder, a business man or an amateur reader you should have certain expertise in the field of English language as learning English is not luxury any more, it is the need of the hour.

Congratulations! again for landing on Lighthouse Edulight and a very warm welcome from my side.

The Man Behind “Lighthouse Edulight”

Now, you may be thinking who is congratulating you and who is the person behind this blog. Well, allow me to get you introduced with myself.

I am Somnath and people like to call me by the name Captain Som. I am teacher by profession and a blogger by passion. Yes, I have made this blog Lighthouse Edulight to teach English.

I also own a Youtube Channel named Lighthouse Edulearn, one of the best platforms to learn English for the students from Bengali Medium and the platform where ‘Learning is Easy, Learning is Fun’

Thank You