English Syllables and Syllabic Words

English Syllables and Syllabic Words

Knowing English syllables is essential as it is the very basics of English language. Through this article we will get to know what is syllable, structure of syllable, and how many syllables are there in English Grammar. We will also get to know about different kinds of syllabic words as well.

English Vowel Sound- Monophthong And Diphthong

Vowel Sound in English Grammar

This blog post is about vowel sounds and its two main types- Monophthong and Diphthong. We’ll explore their characteristics, pronunciation rules and we will understand this with help of associated charts and examples. We will learn how we can improve our pronunciation skill by learning about vowel sound.

A Detailed Guide To English Alphabet And Word

English Alphabet and Word

This detailed blog post on English alphabet and word will help you to know the evaluation of English alphabet. You will get to know about upper case and lower case letters, vowels, consonants and semi vowels. You will know what is word and what is not a word and how a word is formed and many more.