Different Types Of Sentences Quiz : Master Various Types Of Sentences

Are you trying to find out an online quiz to check your knowledge and understanding of different kinds of sentences? Okay, you have come to the right place. We have carefully crafted the different types of sentences quiz keeping your requirements in mind.

Now, if you are a regular follower of our blog and have gone through the blog post on Different Kinds of Sentences, you are likely to score high. But if you are not, I suggest you read the article first and then attempt the quiz. However, you can randomly jump on the quiz section if you wish to do so.

Let’s move forward.

Benefits Of Attempting The Different Types Of Sentences Quiz

Before you start the quiz, I must let you know certain benefits of attempting such a quiz. I have mentioned them in the following bullet points.

  • Such a quiz on the different types of sentences improves your grammar skills.
  • It enables you to identify the variety of sentences closely.
  • You come to know what sentence to use in which situation.
  • It enhances your writing capability, enabling you to write smoothly and correctly.
  • It boosts your level of confidence and keeps you in the first row in a competition.

Quiz Pattern: The Different Types Of Sentences Quiz

I have selected 15 chosen M.C.Q (Multiple Choice Questions) for this quiz on different types of sentences. 

You will get questions of mixed difficulty levels, both easy and tough. You have to score at least 70%.

If you pass, Great! A hearty congratulation from my side. If you fail, don’t worry. It’s going to be a mock test to prepare you for the actual test. I advise you to go through the resources mentioned below and try again.

Resources To Score High In This Quiz

I am going to mention two particular resources here. One is our dedicated blog post on different kinds of sentences and the other is a YouTube video in Bengali on the same topic.

If you know and understand Bengali, I suggest going through both the resources. Your time will not be wasted. Instead, it will surely add some value to your existing knowledge database.

Let’s Start The Different Types Of Sentences Quiz- Best of Luck!

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Quiz on Different Kinds of Sentences

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1. What are the three types of sentences based on structure?

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2.  How is an interrogative sentence identified?

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3. What is the function of a dependent clause in a complex sentence?

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4. Which punctuation mark is commonly used at the end of an imperative sentence?

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5. Which punctuation mark is used at the end of an assertive sentence?

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6. What does an affirmative sentence do?

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7. What are the two types of sentences based on polarity or meaning?

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8. Which word is typically used to make a sentence negative?

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9.  Which clause in a sentence expresses a complete thought and can stand alone?

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10. How is an exclamatory sentence identified?

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11. Which type of sentence expresses a wish or a prayer?

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12. What type of sentence expresses a command or request or advice?

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13. What is the purpose of an exclamatory sentence?

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14. What is a simple sentence?

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15. An optative sentence is used to express:

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