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So, you have decided to go through the test on Parts of Speech. Congratulations! This interactive parts of speech quiz is here to help you master the basics of the English language, specifically mastering parts of speech.

Trust me, it’s a fun and engaging way to learn and improve your communication skills! You will enjoy it.

Why to Attempt this Parts of Speech Quiz

You might be surprised thinking why I am telling you to attempt this quiz or what benefits you will get from here. Okay, let’s read the following points

  • First of all, I think it is necessary to go through a quiz session to test your learning outcomes after you learn something new.
  • By attempting a quiz session on parts of speech quiz you can improve your knowledge and understanding of the different parts of speech in the English language, which is essential for effective communication.
  • It will improve your ability to use different parts of speech correctly in your writing and thus it will improve your writing skill.

Guide to Score High in this Parts of Speech Quiz

If you have not already gone through the blog post or watched the video on parts of speech, my recommendation is to complete that task first before you participate in this quiz. Below is the content source. Just click and visit.

  1. Blog Post Guide: Parts of Speech Chart with Comprehensive Guide

  2. YouTube Video Guide: Video on ‘Parts of Speech’ (Bengali)

Before You Start the Parts of Speech Quiz

  • Hope you have gone through the blog post on Parts of Speech and watched the YouTube Video in Bengali as well. Now it is time to test your learning outcome.
  • I have set 15 chosen  M.C.Q in this quiz section which you have to answer. You will pass if you can score at least 70%.
  • It’s going to be a mock test. If you pass, it is GREAT! Your effort is much appreciated from my side. Now, you can go through other articles on our Blog on English Grammar and Language Learning to expand your knowledge or you can just take a little break before doing so.
  • But if you fail, don’t be much worried. Just double your attention and read the blog post once more and watch the YouTube video and go for the next attempt. You can do it, You will do it for sure.

Let’s Start- Best of Luck!

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Quiz on Parts of Speech

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1. Which of the following is an example of a preposition?

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2. Which part of speech describes a relationship between a noun or pronoun and other words in a sentence?

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3.  I have three pens. Here 'three' in the sentence is an example of__________

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4. Sandy_______ his homework. Fill in the blank with one of the following options.

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5.  "Bravo! You have done well". Identify the interjection in the sentence. 

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6.  Which part of speech is used to express emotion or emphasis?

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7.  "He is poor but he is honest". Identify the conjunction in the sentence.

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8. Sanjay walks very slowly. Here, the word 'very' modifies_________

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9. The word which is used in place of a Noun, is called __________

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10.  Which part of speech is used to join words, phrases, or clauses?

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11.  'Noun' suggests_______________

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12. “Parts of Speech”. Here 'of' is an example of ______

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13.  What is a Speech?

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14. Which part of speech is used to describe the action or state of being in a sentence?

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15. Which of the following describes the function of an adjective in a sentence?

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