English Word Quiz: Test Your Vocabulary And Language Skill

Challenge your language skills and expand your vocabulary with our interactive English word quiz. Improve your word knowledge and have fun along the way.

So, finally you have decided to test your learning on English words. Let me congratulate you on this. You have taken the right decision as this engaging quiz has been designed to expand your knowledge of vocabulary and enhance your language proficiency.

So, challenge yourself with a wide range of stimulating questions and unlock new words on your progress to English language learning.

Benefits of attempting the English Word Quiz

You may be wanting to know why I have designed this quiz or what is the benefit of attempting this English word quiz on English word. Okay, I am telling you a few benefits of it.

I) Vocabulary Expansion

In the space of language learning, vocabulary occupies a very important position. It is the key. And a quiz on English words helps one to strengthen his power in English vocabulary.

II) Language Proficiency

When your stock of vocabulary is strong and stout, you can easily play around it to show your mastery of the language. So, a quiz of this type enhances your language proficiency.

III) Contextual Understanding

A quiz on English words often presents some words that remain within specific contexts. Thus, it allows you to grasp their meanings and usage nuances. This contextual understanding is crucial for your vocabulary learning to use them appropriately.

IV) Language Confidence

When you have a deeper knowledge of English word and word formation, certainly you will gain confidence and this language confidence is going to smooth your journey onwards.

V) Test Preparation

Before you take part in any real test examination whether it is a board examination or job-related examination or language proficiency test like TOEFL, IELTS, or GRE etc, you should certainly test your knowledge and learning with this type of quiz to avoid any real mistake in the actual examination.

VI) Learning with Fun

Learning with fun makes your learning journey really exciting. And the English word quiz has been designed in such a way as to add a funny element to it.

To put a summary, I can say that attempting an English word quiz provides numerous benefits in many ways such as including vocabulary expansion, improved language proficiency, contextual understanding, enhanced confidence, enjoyable learning experiences, test preparation support etc.

So, it is always advisable to attempt this quiz.

Guide to Score High in this English Word Quiz

If you want to score high on any particular quiz or test, you must have proper knowledge of the subject matter based on which the quiz has been designed.

For this purpose, my recommendation is to go through the blog post on English Alphabet and Word and watch the video (YouTube video in Bengali) on the topic before you take part in this quiz. Below is the content source. Just click and visit.

  1. Blog Post Guide: A Detailed Guide To English Alphabet And Word
  2. YouTube Video Guide: Video on ‘English Alphabet & Word’ (Bengali)

Before You Start the English Word Quiz

I hope you have gone through the blog post and watched the YouTube Video in Bengali as well. Now it is time to test your learning outcome.

Quiz Format

  • I have set 15 chosen  M.C.Q in this English word quiz that you have to answer.
  • You will pass if you can score at least 70%.
  • It’s going to be a mock test. If you pass, it is GREAT! Your effort is much appreciated from my side. Now, you can go through other articles on our Blog on English Grammar and Language Learning to expand your knowledge or you can just take a little break before doing so.
  • But if you fail, don’t be much worried. Just double your attention and read the blog post once more and watch the YouTube video and go for the next attempt. You can do it, You will do it for sure.

Difficulty Level

Well, It is going to be a quiz test of mixed difficulty level. You will find some questions are super easy, some are hard and some are funny. Overall, it is going to be an exciting journey.

Let’s Start- Best of Luck!

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Quiz on English Word

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1. What is the meaning of the phrase "it's raining cats and dogs"?

2 / 15

2. Write the superlative degree of the word "good"

3 / 15

3. What is the definition of a word in English grammar?

4 / 15

4. Find out the number of the vowels used in the word "laptop"

5 / 15

5. Which of the following is a noun?

6 / 15

6. What is a synonym for the word "big"?

7 / 15

7.  Which of the following words has the correct spelling?

8 / 15

8. What is an antonym for the word "happy"?

9 / 15

9.  What does the term "single-lettered word" refer to?

10 / 15

10. Write the opposite of the word 'bright'

11 / 15

11. How many consonants are there in the word "mobile'?

12 / 15

12. Find the semi-vowel in the word "rhythm"

13 / 15

13.  What of the following examples is NOT a word ?

14 / 15

14. Which of the following is the future tense of the verb "to jump"?

15 / 15

15. What are the two conditions for a group of letters to be considered a word?

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