Test Your Skills with Our Engaging Quiz on Vowel Sounds : Master Vowel Sounds

Are you looking forward to test your knowledge of vowel sounds? Okay, my friend, you have landed at the right place. Our interactive quiz on vowel sounds is going to enhance your pronunciation skills.

You will get to know about the different vowel sounds of the English language and the important role that is played by them in our everyday communication.  Master the art of pronunciation and improve your language proficiency.

Benefits of Attempting Quiz on English Vowel Sounds

There are several reasons why you should attempt this quiz. I am going to mention a few benefits of attempting this dedication quiz on English vowel sounds. They are –

1. Enhanced Pronunciation

A deep knowledge of vowel sounds will make your pronunciation way better and you will be able to stand out from the crowd. And because of your enhanced pronunciation skills, you will get a lot more opportunities than the others.

2. Improved Listening Skill

Not only your pronunciation skills, your listening skills will also be improved. You will catch every word coming out from the person before you and can give him a logical reply.

3. Accent Improvement

Our accent plays an important role when we deliver our words. A better accent means a better language and everyone likes to listen to the people who have classic accents.

4. Better Communication

So, with a deeper knowledge of vowel sounds both your pronunciation skills and listening skills will be improved and it means the style of your communication will be much more polished and refined and you will be a good speaker.

5. Boosting your Confidence Level

Your mastery over the vowel sounds with an improved accent and enhanced pronunciation skills will boost your confidence to the next level and you will feel the confidence from within and will enjoy the bliss.

6. Test Preparation

This mock test is going to prepare you for your actual test exam. If you do mistakes here, you will get enough time to rectify your mistakes so that you can do fare in the actual exam.

Guide to Score High on the Quiz on Vowel Sounds

Well, if you want to score high in this quiz on vowel sounds, I will suggest you to go through the content sources first mentioned below. One is my blog post on the same topic and the other one is a YouTube video on English vowel sounds in Bengali. below is the content source, just click and visit.

  1. Blog Post Guide: English Vowel Sound- Monophthong And Diphthong
  2. YouTube Video Guide: Video on ‘English Vowel Sounds’ (Bengali)

Before You Start the Quiz on Vowel Sounds

I hope you have gone through the blog post and watched the YouTube Video in Bengali as well. Now it is time to test your learning outcome.

Quiz Format

  • I have set 15 chosen  M.C.Q in this English vowel sounds quiz.
  • You will pass if you can score at least 70%.

Difficulty Level

Well, It is going to be a quiz test of mixed difficulty level. You will find some questions are super easy, some are hard and some are funny. Overall, it is going to be an exciting journey.

Final Words on the Quiz on Vowel Sounds

  • It’s going to be a mock test and as a result either you will pass or fail. If you pass, it is GREAT! Your effort is much appreciated from my side. Now, you can go through other articles on our Blog on English Grammar and Language Learning to expand your knowledge.
  • But if you fail, don’t be much worried. Just double your attention and read the blog post once more and watch the YouTube video and take another attempt. You can do it, You will do it for sure.

Let’s Start- Best of Luck!

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Quiz on English Vowel Sound

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1. Which of the following is a list of all the monophthongs in the English language?

2 / 15

2.  Which of the following vowels is the lowest in pitch?

3 / 15

3. Which of the following words contains a semivowel used as a consonant?

4 / 15

4.  Which of the following vowels is the most back in the mouth?

5 / 15

5.  Which of the following vowels is the most forward in the mouth?

6 / 15

6. What is a monophthong? Choose the most suitable option below.

7 / 15

7.  How many vowel sounds are there in English?

8 / 15

8.  What is a diphthong? Choose the most suitable answer from the below options.

9 / 15

9. Which of the following is a diphthong?

10 / 15

10. Which of the following vowels is the highest in pitch?

11 / 15

11. What vowel sound is produced in the word "Bird"?

12 / 15

12. Which vowel is used in the word "Sun"?

13 / 15

13.  Which of the following is a monophthong?

14 / 15

14. How is the vowel sound in the word "Ball" classified?

15 / 15

15. Which of the following words contains a semivowel used as a vowel?

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