The Syllable Quiz Test : Enhance Your Language Skills To The Next Level

Welcome, dear participants. Welcome to the Syllable Quiz. Now, if you are following our blog regularly, you already know what a syllable is and what are the syllabic words.

Yes, a syllable is a part of a word that can be pronounced in a single breath. And a syllable contains at least one vowel or vowel sound.

Now, it is time to put your learning to the test and see how much you know about this topic.

Why You Should Attempt The Syllable Quiz

Now, you might want to know the benefits of attempting the syllable quiz or why we have designed such a quiz.

Okay, I am telling you that in the following bullet points.

  • Attempting a syllable quiz enhances your awareness of syllables.
  • It improves your pronunciation skills and you pronounce every word correctly.
  • It enhances your reading fluency and makes you more confident while you read.
  • It enhances your spelling skills and helps you to become a terrific speller.
  • With all the points mentioned above, it Improves your overall language skills.

Guide To Score High In The Syllable Quiz

If you want to score high on this quiz or want to check your present learning on this topic before you jump on to the quiz, I suggest you to go through a couple of resources.

As you can see, the first resource is our dedicated blog post on English syllables and syllable words, where I have discussed the topic in a detailed way. You may consider visiting the article before you start the quiz.

Another resource is a Bengali Youtube video on the current topic. If you are from Bengali Medium or know or understand Bengali, you can check this out.

If you ask me, I suggest you to go through both these resources and then start the quiz. However, you can start it right now if you wish to do so.

Details Of The Syllable Quiz: Before You Start

I have selected 15 chosen M.C.Q (Multiple Choice Questions) for this quiz and you have to answer them after you read the questions properly. You will pass if you can score at least 70%.

The questions are mixed difficulty level, which means you will get some questions that are super easy, some a little difficult and some others really hard.

Above all, this is going to be a mock test to prepare you before the actual test. If you pass, it’s great! Hearty congratulations from my side. But if you fail, don’t worry. Go back to the resources mentioned above. Read them carefully and attempt the quiz for the second time.

Let’s Start The Syllable Quiz- Best of Luck!

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Quiz on English Syllable and Syllabic Words

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1. Which of the following statements best defines a syllable?

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2. How many syllables are there in the word "Father"?

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3.  What is the purpose of learning about English syllables?

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4. What is the term for a word with five syllables?

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5. How many syllables are there in the word "Condition"?

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6. What does a Vowel-Consonant-e syllable contain?

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7. What is the defining characteristic of an R-controlled syllable?

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8. Which syllable type ends with the combination "le"?

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9. What is the term for a word with eight syllables?

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10.  Monosyllables are words with

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11. Which syllable type results in a short vowel sound?

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12. What is the term for a word with six syllables?

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13. What is the significance of recognizing stressed and unstressed syllables?

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14. Which type of syllable contains a vowel sound followed by the letter "r"?

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15. Which type of syllable results in a long vowel sound?

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